A rose for the anzac boys essay

Anne, Midge and Ethel were very courageous to fight so hard to make their carry man cocoa plan work at the canteen.

A Rose for the Anzac Boys Jackie French

Everyone came together to help treat the wounded soldiers. Define theme: The ability to do something that frightens one, bravery Apply to characters: I think that the character who shows courage the most is Harry. Harry shows courage by going to the war and fighting for his country.

He shows courage when talking to Midge about his experiences in the war and what he saw, not being able to tell anyone else. Even after the war, when he is still recovering, he is not able to talk to anyone but when he sees Midge, he is able to interact with her. Form your own view: I think that Jackie French is trying to say many things in this novel that relate to the theme courage.

But what does the word really mean? I think that if the whole of the novel was summed up in one sentence, then this would be it. Jackie French was trying to convey a very clear message.

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WW1 was made of millions of acts of courage. Wether it being sacrificing yourself for a friend, or even a stranger.

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The three girls are desperate to give more practical help to the men fighting on the Western Front. They decide they can organise a canteen providing tea, soup and sandwiches for the soldiers returning from the front.

Jack and Tom

This catapults the girls into the shocking experience of seeing the horrific war wounds, and even more difficult to deal with, the mental effects of war trauma, on the young soldiers. Things become even more perilous for Midge, as she is co-opted into the ambulance service, transporting men directly from the front to the make-shift medical tents.

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She dodges shells as she struggles to manipulate the heavy gears of the ambulance truck. She is also called on to prep the men for surgery, and has to deal with sights, sounds and smells she finds it hard to comprehend. Here again, Midge and the other assistants and nurses bring hope and light into a very dark world.

Jackie French tells this story compellingly.