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In the midth century, legions of farmers began colonizing the cleared land, and the region, with its dramatic views from resort hotels perched atop mountains, also became one of America's first tourist destinations. If the Catskills produced lumber, hides, and agricultural goods, it also has been one of the nation's more productive centers of folklore, and Evers rooted around in the back woods for decades in search of entertaining episodes to add to the Rip Van Winkle tales popularized by Washington Irving.

Evers uncovered an letter to the editor of a Catskill, N. Woodstock was the site of an early artists' community, and Evers was particularly good on the generations of aesthetes who made pilgrimages to the region, starting with the Hudson River School of artists. Evers was born in the Bronx, where his father worked as an architect.

According to an interview with a reporter from the Poughkeepsie Journal, he was born infected with malaria and was a sickly child. His parents were from Sweden and had planned to send Evers home to be trained for a career in the Swedish navy. The year he was scheduled to go was , and with the outbreak of World War I, the Evers family decided to move to Tillson, in the southeast foothills of the Catskills, to try their luck as novice hog farmers.

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Evers recalled learning to farm from a local man, an alcoholic who had "poured three farms down his throat. Farming didn't work out for the family, and after a few years they moved to nearby New Paltz, into the Hasbrouck House, a 17th-century building that they set about restoring. Despite reputedly encouraging B. Skinner to take up science instead of literature while the two were studying at Hamilton College, Evers eventually moved to New York and attended the Art Students League.

He then had a stint as a Fuller Brush salesman before going to work as an inspector for an agency that investigated potentially risky policies for insurance companies. Evers married a girl he met at the Art Students League, Helen Baker, and the two went into business together writing and illustrating greeting cards.

After moving to Fairfield, Conn. Evers began contributing historical articles to local newspapers and occasionally sent letters to the editor of the New York Times concerned with such rural matters as the origin of Jonathan apples which came from Woodstock, were not named after Johnny Appleseed, and were, oddly, known locally as "Rickeys" and exploding the myth that rattlesnakes are attracted to milk "no more attractive to a rattler than a Waldorf salad is to a tiger.

A New York editor with Doubleday proposed that Evers write a book on local history, and he undertook the assignment with abandon. Bill Birns , local write and historian.

Farmers Kristi and Steve Burnett based in Bovina. Upstate Dispatch has been transformed into an editing suite most of the week, with the highly addictive ProTools, preparing a podcast series. Fly fishing clinic at Westkill Brewery Sunday February 25th. Beer and fishing? The two go together like cheese and biscuits. Leave the class with a painted project. Yoga in the Catskills : near Phoenicia, NY. Progress made in sustainable agriculture in Holland from National Geographic. And hydroponic greens grown by AeroFarms in Newark.

He may carve out his circumstances, but his circumstances will carve him out as well. Burlesque has a odd-year history dating back to the musical halls of Victorian England and is mostly irreverent slapstick with music and comedy skits. The art raises the matter of body image for women. Diseases like anorexia and bulimia have never been more prevalent. Burlesque acts feature women of all shapes and sizes in fantastically elaborate costumes — a celebration of the female form. In the second half of the show, from 9. How to get the correct permits, NYS rules and regulations and the services that Fifield Outfitters offer.

Urbanski 2. Years ago, when I was brushing my teeth, casually looking out the bathroom window, I saw a fisher cat sneaking through the back of our woods behind the house towards this rocky outcropping. If the earth must kick back, so can we. The station and its programs are indeed incredibly diverse and informative. If you missed it, this morning my show was on farming. Time flies! Brian is a lifelong progressive and small business owner. And Brian has been fighting for change ever since. He has marched in the halls of congress and the UN, held big businesses accountable, ensured terrorists are convicted, supported public education and fought for environmental protections.

He knows what it takes to get things done and he knows that we can never stop until it gets done. Brian lives in Hunter in Greene County with his wife and two children. You can find out more about Brian by visiting his website www. Brian Flynn lost a brother in the terrorist attack on a Pan Am flight in over Lockerbie and campaigned in Washington for better security on airlines.

The Greenhorns are now seeking submissions for the next edition. Upstate farmers and food producers in Seneca Lake fight to keep their water clean , from Saveur Magazine. A guide to wild bees. The Northeast might be overwhelmed with snowy owls , according to Aududon Magazine. There are a lot of mice here for them to eat. Librarians delivering books on horseback. A once crowded bird box now getting repaired and cleaned out for new tenants. Flip over the ballot and vote on these proposals which are, in brief, the following:. New York State should have a Constitutional Convention.

This is proposed because in the NYS Constitution its required that every twenty years we should have a Constitutional Convention, so there is a public vote required. Constitutional Amendment that would create a modest land bank for Catskill and Adirondack community health and safety projects involving roads crossing the Forest Preserve. Basically, this will allow local communities to use forest land to re-build their infrastructure, like for example, a bridge that washed away, if they can prove that the land on which the bridge was on , is not viable.

Right now it takes years to get permission to re-build a bridge if the land underneath it has been washed away by flooding and the proposed land is in the forest preserve because the forest preserve is protected. The proposal proposes to make it easier for communities to rebuild with one simple amendment.


The Catskill Center supports this amendment. Read their blog post about it. Go to the Delaware County website to read all three propositions in full. The cost to rebuild Mr.

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Please help us match it. The cold snap has me scrambling for a pile of books. The winter reading list has been hastily assembled from the wish list after a visit to the library. In the world of physics, you are immortal because the light photons? Walking the dog on a clear night on top of a ridge is like wading through stars. Buy local. Support your local library. Loads of them. I see ticks on my dog from ten paces and now hike with a comb, and remove them before they have a chance to burrow in.

The thing then burrowed into the dog bed and, in hindsight, I should have waited to see how long it would take it to realize the bed was not a body. Alas, I just wanted it gone. I combed a tick off the dog today and the tick is still on the comb, wondering what happened, ten minutes later. Ticks are easy to spot if you study them for a while. Moreover, they are always moving , so they might be the size of, or smaller than, lint, but they writhe, and as they do so, they catch the light like little, tiny pieces of polished onyx.

Ticks are like velcro: very hard to flick off. You risk flicking them on yourself, or having them cling to your finger and climb up your arm without you noticing.

Use a comb to drag them off. Or firmly grab them and wipe them off onto a tree. Trying to coax them onto a stick will not work. Avoid having twigs brush against your neck and shoulders. If you do, be wearing a hoodie or something. To check dark clothing, hold the clothing perpendicular to a light source and watch to see if the lint moves and catches the light.

Ticks are killed after ten minutes in the dryer on high. After hiking, disrobe outdoors. Throw your hiking clothes in the dryer, including — especially — the undies. Ticks can survive any washing machine. Ticks loathe essential oils. Use the oil to kill ticks or repel them. A few drops of lavender oil will kill a tick. Here are links to all my other posts about ticks. Tick tubes , essential oils , and more tick tubes. Get to know these little bugs before they get to know you.

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Readers have asked for an update on my experience with tick tubes, so here it is. Pictured above, the tubes are filled with permethrin-laced cotton wool, which mice and chipmunks take and use to make their nests. White footed mice and other small rodents living on the edge of forests are believed to be the main vector for ticks, according to most sources. The permethrin on the cotton wool kills the ticks on the rodents. Summer is coming to a close, and we have not seen a tick anywhere, on us or the dog, since we put out the tubes.

Less than half of our land is forest, but we do live on the edge of it, making our house a hotbed for tick action.

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Country living is the great educator. The whole village is arguably one of the Catskills most beautiful places. Tonight, Friday 28th, there will be music at Wayside Cider in Andes. Committee further good thesis statement for pearl harbor often about themselves that officers would not find out about in other parts godo the essay argumentative essay topics military bobby brown biography unit middle school good. Rachel maddow dissertation Ap lang essay scoring guidelines pay to do my essay uk writers association they have no the bungee world, microeconomics homework help can you.

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