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Only one infant with severe combined immune deficiency syndrome and black lung PPHN required intubation, mechanical ventilation, and INO in addition to oral sildenafil. This patient was ventilated for 20 days and discharged after 2 months on oral sildenafil. Table 3 - Associated risk factors for primary pulmonary hypertension of the newborn. In this study we documented black lung PPHN in 10 term or near term infants who had respiratory, cardiac, and echocardiographic manifestations of PPHN. Therefore, these infants were labeled as black lung PPHN. Neonatal PPHN is rare and known to affect 1 or 2 infants per live births.

If left untreated, PPHN may lead to death.

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In this case series, we report persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn in 10 infants who had normally aerated black lungs. All cases were term and near term with mean gestational age of In such a series, only 4 out of 10 mothers had received aspirin during pregnancy, but no evidence of premature duct closure was observed. Chambers et al 5 have demonstrated that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen and naproxen are frequently found in meconium of infants suffering from PPHN even with a negative maternal history.

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Furthermore, concentration of the drugs in the meconium correlated with the incidence and severity of idiopathic PPHN. The meconium drug levels were not measured in this series due to the lack of this facility. All cases were presented with cyanosis and low oxygen saturation, along with 3 out of 10 mild or no respiratory distress, as well as mild metabolic acidosis in 6 out of 10 with a mean PH of 7.

However, this possibility was excluded by echocardiographic findings in our patients. Real-time echocardiography combined with Doppler flow studies remain to be gold standards for diagnosing PPHN demonstrating an increase in pulmonary pressure more than mean systemic blood pressure and right-to-left shunting across a patent foramen oval and a ductus arteriosus with Tricuspid insufficiency. Evan et al 6 reported a same range of results in term of neonates with hypoxic respiratory findings. The other striking findings reported by Evan et al 6 indicated no correlation between pulmonary blood pressure level and the degree of hypoxemia.

There was no significant relation observed during the mode of delivery, Apgar score, gender, and birth weight in this series.

Unlike infants with idiopathic PPHN, all our patients had risk factors and underline diagnoses. Forty percent of our patients have DS. This agrees with the findings of the prospective study of a birth cohort of children with DS born between and in the Netherlands, which reported an incidence of 5. Four of our patients in this cohort were infants of diabetic mothers who had no other predisposing factors for PPHN, such as birth asphyxia or meconium aspiration. However, all these 4 neonates were male infants born by elective cesarean section, that had been reported by Hernandez-Diaz et al 9 as independent factors associated with an elevated risk of persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn.

Various other risk factors were known to influence susceptibility of the high-altitude city on post natal pulmonary vascular adaptation. It may lead to PPHN and defect in oxygenation. This effect had been documented in literature with some ethnic groups and in animal studies. This has also been proved in the previous literature to be a standard therapy for PPHN. Our patients weaned from oxygen supply over 10 to 14 days with no major side effects. Only one infant in our cohort required INO together with mechanical ventilation.

Inhaled nitric oxide is considered as a standard of care for infants with severe PPHN. However, this intervention requires well equipped neonatal unit with well trained staff.

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This may not be widely available in a big country such as in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The limitations of this study include its retrospective nature and the relative small number of infants included. In conclusion, the main risk factors included down syndrome and infants of diabetic mothers, especially male infants born through cesarean section.

This study offered an insight into the etiology and predisposing factors to black lung PPHN in Saudi patients. The prognosis of our cohort was excellent with the use of oral sildenafil. If a privileged few possess with such intensity that they need no clock and no external assistance, it is not the case for most of us: we need to develop. Dowsing is the best means of regaining our instinctive sensitivity, our sense of "touching distance". According Servranx brothers, "Dowsing is a set of special processes that allow to find the hidden, buried, lost, mixed, inaccessible, or imponderable imperceptible in other ways.

Dowsing allows us ness research in numerous areas of health, food choices, career counseling, research of lost objects, character analysis, life choices But beyond these experimental fields, it enriches our perceptions, refines our sensitivity, our conscious illuminates the intuition that goes beyond the limited scope of our senses and opens unexpected horizons Noted finally that dowsing is extremely simple, and it is done more easily than it does explain!

Felix and his brother William were Servranx Belgian and passionate about dowsing. Tireless researchers and experimenters, they wrote many books, founded in a journal: Dowsing for All, which was published until , lectured, rubbed all the great diviners of the time This great work is of paramount importance for all dowsers but also for those interested in research micro-vibration, the energy and those who wish to take control of their health, personal development through techniques accessible to all , dowser or not.

We re-edited all these documents, essentially practical, dynamic and surprisingly modern methods, all performance equipment to put at the disposal of the greatest number of stakeholders.

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